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Can we contact you by phone or email?
Yes you can contact us by phone monday thru friday 9am to 6pm pacific standard time. And you can contact us by email at: info@printexecutives.com
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Why are your prices so incredibly low? Do you use cheaper material?
We print in a format called Gangrun which means we print out as many jobs in one sheet of 28x48. Why because its super cost effected which allows us to offer super LOW LOW Prices compare to a full sheet only dedicated to your job and you end up spending about 70% more.

We use the highest quality for all our printing, so No we don't use cheaper material to offer cheaper prices. We believe in quality 110% so rest assure you will get the best quality in all our products.
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Can I pay online with my debit or credit card?
Yes you can pay online but you must call us first to put in your order then we will send you an invoice using either Google® Checkout or Paypal®. With Google checkout you can pay through Visa, mastercard, Discover, American Express or if you have a Paypal account you can simply pay through Paypal.
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How do I make a purchase
You can make a purchase by contacting us or filling out the purchase request form then we process your request then we will invoice you so you can pay online or through check or money order.
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What is UV coating?
Uv coating is a high gloss that goes on top and gives it a great glossy look.
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Can I write or print on UV coating?
No you cannot write or print on UV coating due to glossy material.
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What paper stock do you print on?
We offer high quality thick stock 14/16 point paper on all our postcards business cards. And we also offer 100lb book (similar to magazine cover paper)and 100lb cover stock (a slightly thicker than 100lb book).
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Do you offer Rush turnaround?
Yes we do offer rush turnaround on some products only. (extra fee applies)
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What does Full Color printing mean?
Full color printing means we print every color No color limits you get Photo quality printing. And not be limited by colors or have to pay more for an extra color. We print on a 4-6 color press to offer beautiful photo quality printing.
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How long does it take to build a custom design?
Between 2-3 business days.
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What if I don't like your custom design?
If you don't like your first design we ask you what you didn't like from the design and try to redesign the problem areas or if you choose to change the full design then we will gladly change everything for you until your completely satisfied (at no extra charge)
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Can I bring my own design?
Yes you may bring your own design but must meet our design standards go here to learn more about designing format click Here (extra fee applies)
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Will the colors come out printed exactly the way it looks on screen?
Not exactly as pictured on your monitor because some monitor brands have different color mode settings than others, which some are very accurate and others are off by a little or perhaps allot depending on your monitor settings.
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Do you offer hosting?
Not at the moment but we will offer it soon.
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Can I buy domains from you?
Not at the moment but we will offer it soon.
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Do the specials you have ever expire?
Yes they do, if they are in the special page they do expire without notice.
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How can I be notified by new promo codes or specials?
If you enter your email to accept new products or specials then you will be the first to know about our latest specials, and you will be one of the many to receive promo codes for your next purchase. from time to time.
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How much is shipping?
Shipping depends on weight of product.
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Can I pick up my order?
Yes you can, with no extra charge. At one of our local service centers
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Do you offer overnight shipping?
Yes we do.
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How can I track my shipping status?
As soon as we ship your product you will receive tracking information.
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